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Issue 2, Winter 2013

Welcome to the second issue of Forum Folkloristika!

"Beat That Drum!" Exploring the Politics of Performance among Roma Brass Musicians in Vranje, Serbia, by Alex Marković, is an enlightening study of the relationships between musicians and patrons and the power relationships that are constructed and maintained in important ritual celebrations in southeastern Serbia. In addition to explaining the social politics that play out among celebrants, Alex examines the ways that celebrants interact with performers, and how some of those interactions contribute to continuing marginalization of Roma musicians. The article is illustrated with photos and video clips of celebrations.

Elizabeta Koneska of Skopje, Macedonia originally published her article Shared Shrines in Macedonia in book form with photographer Robert Jankuloski through the Macedonian Centre for Photography in Skopje. Their work is an exploration of temples and shrines that have served different religious communities for centuries. Elizabeta writes about four of these locations that still actively serve both Muslim and Christian communities—in some cases, on the same day when saints' days from different faiths coincide. Both in the past and today, many Macedonians of various ethnicities and religious groups hold a high level of respect and reverence for each others’ rituals and shrines, as evidenced here in this fascinating article. Be sure to watch her video ethnography, Peace for All: St. George’s Day at a Shared Multi-Religious Shrine in Macedonia, which documents the activities at a shrine in the small town of Makedonski Brod and is included with the article.

We follow Elizabeta’s article with the complete collection of Robert Jankuloski’s photos from their collaborative book project in Shared Shrines Photo Gallery, with captions from the text of the article.

We are pleased to present a selection of Martin Koenig’s photos and select audio clips from his well-traveled photo exhibit, "Voices & Images from Bulgaria," and his book of the same name, in Voices & Images from Bulgaria: A Gallery. The collection, which he started in 1966 on the first of many trips to the Balkans, capture a moment in time at the end of Balkan traditional society. Information on ordering Martin’s book (including CD) can be found at the end of the article.

And finally, in this installment of Balkan Savories Rachel MacFarlane regales (and tempts) us with her culinary adventures in her article, Splendid Peppers! She shares stories and Balkan pepper recipes from Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Ljupka Kolarova’s restaurant kitchen in Seattle. Whether you crave these flavorful dishes from your own travels to the Balkans, or if you are looking for new ways to incorporate delicious fresh peppers into your culinary repertoire, Rachel gives informative lessons on the fine arts of roasting and seasoning Balkan-style peppers!


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